a pretty cool modern renovation of a turn of the century row house in washington, dc

i wish we had more row houses in SA, i would love to live in an urban street not dissimilar to what you see on london, new york & other cities the world over. smaller than a house, bigger than a flat. what more could you ask for?

via archdaily


  1. Actually, this house is in DC proper, not the suburbs. Though, you would have no way of telling from the information in the post. Its on Capitol Hill (610 4th St NE), which is in the city. The address listed on Arch Daily is of the firm that designed the house, not the house itself. A good friend of mine actually lives right down the street from this house and all the neighbors hate it. Capitol Hill is packed with wealthy and politically connected folks, most of which cherish the historic nature of the community. As such, the fact that there is a very modern structure that is highly visible from everywhere in the neighborhood, except the street, really irks them.

  2. that’s a pity, it looks fantastic.. i think the fact that it’s at the back makes the modern addition okay… but i suppose i don’t live in DC so what would i know! :)

  3. that’s too bad, especially because you see these kind of renovations & additions in cities like london all the time (i’m not sure about new york). you’d also kind of expect historic neighbourhoods to have some sort of heritage / preservation building rules. i think they could have done a pretty nice job making it more modern without adding expanses of white and orange walls, which is what makes it look so different from the rest of the houses.

  4. Totally agree, this is stunning – and what a great reno. I would want one for sure, as my apartment is the tiniest little thing but I can’t quite see myself in a house.

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