the wedding of max & margaux has been well documented online (you can see the five posts over at once wed here, here, here, here & here). max is a well-known wedding photographer himself (he photographed joanna of a cup of jo’s wedding) and so it’s not a surprise that they got some very talented individuals involved in their own event. photographers our labor of love, stylist ashley meaders, the wedding event collective the flashdance (who they are a part of) as well as the rifle paper company who designed their wedding invitations. all in all it looks like it was an amazing two days, and i encourage you to look through all the posts i linked to.

i just wanted to show you their wedding video, because (1) it is really very beautiful (allow me to be a sap for a second) and (2) her dress is wow, probably the best wedding dress i’ve ever laid my eyes on.

wedding video by sharkpig (what a talent)


  1. Aww, how cute. If you could see the smile on my face right now. Plus, their wedding is so simple yet so elegant.

    It almost makes me want to have an actual wedding one day, instead of going down to the courthouse to get hitched.

  2. saw it on oncewed the other day (you should NEVER have linked me to that site …) it is really beautiful though

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