i have never been a carpet person, i much prefer an expanse of empty floor than having rugs lying all over the place (especially loose carpets on a floor that already has wall-to-wall carpeting… something i will never understand.) slowly though i have come to the realisation that it might just be because i have never come across carpets i actually like.

these antique carpets by swedish artist & textile designer martha meuse fjetterström (on auction at bukowski’s) are a huge exception. considering they’re priced between $4000-30,000 they probably would not be displayed on my floor.

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  1. you have left me the option of pinning on this page ( there are some truly beautiful rugs displayed) but when I get to the Pin wall it tells me that these images ( and these images ONLY) cannot be pinned. What’s the deal? I’m soooo disappointed. I can only assume it’s some restriction from the artist who created the rugs, and she’s losing a lot of free advertising for her work.


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