i’ve been meaning to tackle this topic for a while, as the nick dewolf photo archive is the largest collection of vintage photos i’ve ever seen (so far closing in on almost 40,000 photos) – so i’m finding it pretty difficult trying to pick my favs to show you! the story behind the archive is presented by steve lundeen, who is nick de wolf’s son-in-law:

as a photographer, nick was ever ready and ever present, leaving behind many thousands of pre-digital images, dating well back into the 1950’s. he carried a camera with him at all times, usually a family of cameras. if you knew nick, you got used to this…eventually, he’d be pointing his camera at you. i am working to post nick’s images in their original sets as they are scanned and processed, somewhere in the order of 20-50 images a day. for those wondering “how much longer can this possibly go on?”, i can only answer, “the mountain is high, the journey is long.”

what an absolutely great story, it makes you realise that you simply have to carry your camera with you all the time – imagine the pictures you’d be able to show your kids one day. also this guy was shooting film, which is a thousand times more admin than our handy digital cameras… here are some of my favourites (i love the hippies)


  1. oh my gosh… these are amazing! i’m always poking about for vintage photo collections online… and this is like the motherload! i’ll be spending quite a bit of time browsing through these :)pnd

  2. i am not sure how in the world you find all the amazing stuff you put on your blog
    but i have to tell you that you have officially replaced my televsion set –
    who needs tv when one can sift and dig through all your fantastic blog posts?

    • aw lauren, thanks for the amazing comment! really nice way to start my day.

      PS: i voted for you in the mad men competition ;)

  3. I have been following his photostreem as it grows on a weekly basis. Hours of entertainment. whats even more interesting is when you look him up on wiki or just Google his name (thats how I found your post). He was a lot more than just a photographer.

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