things i like right now by mariah of size too small

  1. Candles & Candlestick Holders: Every day as soon as the sun sets, we light candles in our home. They create the best mood – super cozy.
  2. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: Do yourself a favor and listen to “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
  3. Stationary: I love cards and stationary and Rifle Paper Company is at the top of my love list.
  4. American Apparel Deep Neck V T-shirt: I’ve been a long time fan of this particular shirt. I have it in a bunch of colors, but grey is my favorite.
  5. Window Pane Check Bedding: I’m obsessed with this simple graphic print for bedding.
  6. Eternity Scarves: These are the best- sewn in a circle, all you do is loop it around your neck. It holds the perfect shape all day. I wore mine all winter long.
  7. Rachel Comey Ankle Boot: I love this new ankle boot Rachel Comey has come out with. It’s the perfect shade of brown.

those boooooooots!!! actually, i want everything on mariah’s list. everything.


  1. love these “things i like right now” posts, great idea!

    eternity scarf sounds interesting too.

    • i also love the idea of the eternity scarves – was actually looking at some online the other day & wondering why we don’t get them in SA! too late for that now since summer is around the corner i suppose….

  2. actually i got my eternity scarf from a designer who was selling at the biscuit mill! i can’t remember her name though! i’m going to think about it and get back to you.

  3. I love this scarf!! I lost mine in a bar – do you have any idea where I could get hold of another one from?? X

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