current wants indelicately smashed into one post

i want to go to there

… and to there

i want everything rachel comey has ever made

… as well as mostly everything from asos

i want this calendar

… and this book

i want to bring back a bike from velo vintage in paris

i want joelle to keep posting old family photos…

i want this bag from lalouka (coming soon)

i want to be friends with this girl because she looks rad. okay maybe i just want to be her.

i want to find a perfect leica at a junk yard sale for $5

i want to swim with these dogs (strangely enough)

i want to high five this guy

i want to be a kid again

and i want to marry jon hamm. the end.


  1. Yep I pretty much love all of these things, and I definitely want to do Jon Hamm. I have told my husband I am most definitely leaving him if Jon Hamm comes knockin :)

  2. I’ll fight you girls for Jon Hamm. He is, without a doubt, the One.

  3. Rachel Townsend Reply

    That was Lovely Miss Moss, Today i wrote on facebook as many things as i could think of that made me happy right now – you inspired me today = SO THANKS xxx

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