hit the road

september music mix is here! this is not really a ‘road trip’ mix, per se (no tracy chapman / fast car …) – but certainly tunes i love playing in my car. load up your ipod and go for a drive… sing along, too.

hit the road. tracklist:

  1. stornoway – i saw you blink
  2. aloe blacc – good things
  3. phoenix – if i ever feel better
  4. de la soul – eye know
  5. beck – the new pollution
  6. the shins – australia
  7. devotchka – till the end of time
  8. paul simon – kodachrome
  9. bright eyes – another travelin’ song
  10. deer tick – art isn’t real (city of sin)
  11. iron & wine – the devil never sleeps
  12. arcade fire – keep the car running
  13. the postal service – clark gable
  14. smashing pumpkins – 1979

all music is for sampling purposes only – please go out and buy the artists’ records & support them at their shows!


  1. It’s very sad that I hardly know any of those but don’t worry I’m educating myself right this very second (:

    Thanks for the lovely music.

  2. Mmm…I’m with Lauren.

    Whenever I think I know lots of music, I’m reminded that there’s so much more out there.

    At least I know the road in the pic :-)

  3. Nice mix. I’m glad to see Stornoway made the cut. I’ve been listening to that record non-stop for the last month.

  4. these music mixes are so great, have smashed them all together and made a giant playlist of awesomeness which i am loving! good job on the tunes, keep them coming…

  5. So thankful that i managed to stumble upon this gem!
    Lovin’ the tunes and album artworks :)

  6. Man this mix looks good. Now i have the internet again at home I can’t wait to start downloading these, am in need of some new car music for my route to work!

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