october music mix is here! this past month i’ve been spending a lot of quality time with my ipod listening to tunes on my own – in airports, on long flights, walking around in a strange city, driving in my car… and i kept returning to the same kind of music. would i call it folk? perhaps. folk rock? indie folk? indie folk rock? indie folk rock pop? indie folk rock alt-country lo-fi pop? at the very least it’s nice music accompanied by strumming guitars. or banjos. sometimes harmonicas. maybe even accordions. and pianos. a couple even have synthesizers. and lots of harmonising. uuuuuh…

fine folk playing fine music that perhaps isn’t folk but kind of is to me. playlist:

  1. blitzen trapper – furr
  2. dale earnhardt jr. jr. – vocal chords
  3. monsters of folk – baby boomer
  4. jenny and johnny – new yorker cartoon
  5. edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros – home
  6. vetiver – everyday
  7. taken by trees – my boys
  8. coconut records – summer
  9. fleet foxes – blue ridge mountains
  10. mumford & sons – banjolin song
  11. the mountain goats – no children
  12. jens lekman – your arms around me
  13. beirut – postcards from italy
  14. ben gibbard – you remind me of home
  15. stornoway – boats and trains
  16. great lake swimmers – your rocky spine
  17. ray lamontagne – sarah
  18. cat stevens – how can i tell
  19. simon & garfunkel – bleecker street
  20. tin hat trio – fear of the south

next time you’re in a busy public space with your ipod handy – listen to track 20. quite a weird experience.

ps. two of my favourite songs of all time are in this mix: blitzen trapper / furr and the mountain goats / no children. i have played both countless times and i never ever tire of them.

the album image is by the inimitable gordon parks. inimitable, i say.

all music is for sampling purposes only – please go out and buy the artists’ records & support them at their shows!


  1. It’s the middle of the night (well, actually – early morning) my time in the US, and I’m so miserably sick that I’m still up. Wallowing in self pity, haha. I just listened to the entire mix and, per usual – it’s so good. Florence & the Machine does a great (in my opinion) cover of Postcards from Italy.

  2. it takes a special touch to put together a playlist by hand (rather than relying on iTunes Genius)

    Hats off to you! I’ve been painting to this playlist all morning!

    thanks for sharing!


  3. you make the best mixes ever!
    i share them with all my workmates!

  4. hey girl, i just discovered your blog through milk teeths and i absolutely love your music mixes! i started making them for my blog a couple months ago as well- nowhere near as great as yours though ;). your taste in music is fantastic. i especially love this mix! isn’t jens lekman amazing?

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