this picture (left) from asos. every time i look at it i think “don’t go, winter! don’t gooooo!” they also have a great online magazine, did you know that? now you do. and ad campaigns, shot by the selby. sigh.

this outfit from totokaelo (aaaaaah)

this poster

these pictures of holidaying in croatia. balls.

this fox.  mid sneeze or mid giggle? we’ll never know.

this picture, so much

this place. holy shit, right?

this room.

this toasted cheese sarmie. get in me belly.

this flipping mulberry bag. flip. flip!

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  1. Yes yes, I love asos! I just looked at their online mag the other day, because Emma Stone caught my eye. Their website is very user-friendly, as well as their prices. I’m on there all the time. :)

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