i could actually not hold back on reposting these leather glories seen over at teenangster (alison finds the best stuff.) they are by alya b. kazakevic aka a.b.k. custom leather craft. fuck! apologies for my swearing, but fuck. wow.


  1. Awesome leather goods & go ahead and swear, I say. I swear all the time in real life, but I don’t think I’ve ever said/typed “fuck” on the blog. I feel like I can’t start now… so late in the run… maybe some of the lovely readers are swear-haters…. but I’m tempted to. I try to always write how I talk, and when I talk – I swear. Oh the problems of having a blog, haha.

    • i’ve decided just to try and write as i speak, otherwise i feel kinda phoney baloney

      though i would never say phoney baloney in real life!


  2. I look at the pictures you post and the voice in my head goes ‘oh my word’ … (scrolling down) … ‘oh my word’ …. (scrolling down) … ‘oh my word’… (scrolling down) … ‘swoon’ … ‘wow’… ‘oh my word’ …

    • haha I was doing the EXACT same thing. Now I’m wanting a $600 bag I’ve got no business buying…but it will be a bag for LIFE..one I can pass on to my kids and grand-kids right? RIGHT?


      I have a bad feeling that my subconscious is going to lead me down Henry St on a particularly stressful day in search of some retail therapy.

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