whenever my friend and i watch a period drama the same discussion will always ensue. she’ll lament that we were born in the wrong era and talk about how happy we’d be if we could live in those times. i’ll try to convince her that we’d be bored out of our minds with just sewing and wandering around in gardens to keep us occupied. she’d rebut with the opinion that if sewing and garden wandering was all we ever knew we’d be content. i’d remind her that you’d have to be (a) rich or (b) married rich to actually enjoy worry free sewing and garden wandering. she’d say that being rich is a positive, not a negative. i’d remind her that we’d have to play lots of card games and that she hated them. she’d remind me i loved card games. and so it went on.

i secretly agreed with her though, living on a country estate in those days must have been pretty damn sweet. IF you were rich and got to picnic all day and other people made your meals for you.

on that note, did anyone watch the latest glee with gwyneth? i thought it very cringey. what happened glee!


    • yes exactly, she’s not the most rhythmic of people.

      i kind of feel like the show is a bit stagnant right now, it doesn’t seem to have the same spark as the first season.

      • i’ve gotten bored with Glee… too much drama. and Mr Schu’s always crying…

        PS: awesome houses, sjoe! England?

  1. If you are into period dramas, you need to get into Downton Abbey. New show on Britain’s iTV featuring maggie smith. so good.

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