hey, want to move to sweden with me? malmö, specifically. it’s pretty cold there right now but we can hole up in this apartment. it’s for sale for R3,5m. did you know the swedish krona’s exchange rate is basically on par with the south african rand? i didn’t either. it makes me feel pretty great, except a coffee there probably costs 30 bucks which makes me feel the opposite. it’s okay, we can take our own coffee & live like monks! if you can bring the 3.5 million we’ll be set.

oh, you only have 1 million? let’s buy this one, then.

i could show you more but 100% of these apartments basically look the same inside.


  1. I’m living in Stockholm Sweden, it’s snowing outside right now and a good coffee, in the city, where the apartments look like this inside costs around 30 kr. Finding an apartment here involves huge money, fierce competition and contacts but rarely are they this BIG!! The Swedes take pride in their interiors because the weather is, well, cold most of the time but the summers are extremely beautiful. They are a special breed of sophistication, believe me.

    • thank you for confirming my suspicions re: the price of a cup of coffee! (hehe)

      i would love love love to go to sweden one day – their interior, fashion & design sensibility is right up my alley

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