sometimes i wonder what it would be like if we could go back to school as our adult selves, without all the worries that plagued us as teenagers. man, we were idiots! oh you think you weren’t but you actually were, sorry to break it to you.

i would for one thing have had better stationery. no more space cases with shit drawn all over them. i would have been a proper person with rad stationery. these are by present + correct (also at etsy)

i realised after i’d written this post that space cases might already be irrelevant, or probably don’t make sense to anyone outside south africa. well, they were the pencil boxes to have in my day. i remember when i was 12 years old space cases suddenly hit the scene – people went bananas for them. and they were actually big enough to fit bananas in.


  1. I’m kinda embarrassed to say this now, but I’m 23 and I still own (and use) a mini spacecase. Lol.

  2. Oh no we also had our version of the space case in Canada, we just had a different name for it (though I can’t quite remember what it was off the top of my head). Incidentally I am back in school for degree no. 2 and have been on the lookout for some lovely stationery and am way excited to check some of these beautiful items out. School round 2 is awesome, by the way.

  3. I’ll definitely have to check out their etsy store as I’m in need of new stationery for next year.

  4. Love the stamps and the leather case!
    Just discoverd your site and looking through each post! Great Job!

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