i’m moving into a new place this month, and i’m excited. i’ll be living with my very good friends (yay) and just the thought of experiencing a change puts a spring in my step. have been catching myself looking at interiors online, which is kind of futile since i don’t have a money tree (yet). yeah. so, this is kind of what i would like my house to look like… one day. or at least elements of. taste veers drastically from very light & airy to pretty dark & moody.

click on the images for their sources. some of these might be reposts, sorry.


  1. pic no. 12 is especially awesome!

    (PS: gotta have a floor to ceiling bookshelf in my house one day)

  2. I just had to comment. Best TITLE for a post ever. I feel like that every day while surfing the web…. sigh sigh…

  3. I hope you find the great, great, grandfather of all money trees. Obviously whatever you find will have fantastic and unique style.

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