let’s just call these things what it is – the kind of post where time is squeezed but i can’t bear not to share.

this amazing ad

bad girls throughout history by ann shenn

this picture from hannah and landon

her hair

this painting

audrey hepburn as a cowgirl

this photo by viviane sassen as seen via it’s nice that

vilshenko s/s 2011 as seen via les yeux sans visage

this cool dude and his dog

verabel lockets as seen via shiny squirrel

sophia loren’s magnificent bosom

this house (!!!)

and its opposite – this house

bowie’s blazer & mick’s tie


  1. wow! I wish I owned a 60s Renault. They are the cutest, but alas, you won’t find any of those in Southern California. Audrey as a cowgirl is adorable. I think I’m going to buy a verabel locket! I wish my hair looked like Sophia Loren’s.


  2. So many things here that I love!! Those portraits of the bad ladies-and that Bowie! Love those two eccentric men sitting down to a nice meal.

    Thanks for these tasty visuals!

  3. Rachel Townsend Reply

    I Absolutely love the lockets by alyson fox, i think i will buy one for me and one for a great friend of mine, their gorgeous.
    You must have so much fun just finding such beautiful things.
    I think i have been here for more then half the day and almost all evening on your blog looking at amazing things and i feel so excited and happy and content, thank you.

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