i’ve been in my new place for a few weeks and the walls are still bare. this will not do.

click on the images for their sources. except for the one that’s uncredited as i found it on a site that doesn’t credit (i’m looking at you tumblr). man! but i still wanted to share it. if you know the source, do tell.


  1. Miss Moss, thank you for your beautiful blog. You just know how to pick one up after a CRAZY week!

  2. collage walls are the best! my friend created a collage on her living room wall in the shape of a whale. one day i’ll actually put things up in frames, but for now it’s pinboards and blue-tack all the way.

  3. Oh, please take photos of your new place and put them on the blog. Love your style, so I’m sure your place must be awesome!

  4. It’s so annoying how hard it is to find links to original sources on tumblr and weheart it, especially since it’s so much easier to find relevant images that way. I’m moving house soon and super excited about decorating and filling up the walls, thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I should stop procrastinating to frame so of my work and my sisters photos.. these wall are just perfect!

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