coco’s tea party posted part one of her 50 best dresses of the year feature, and it got me to thinking about what my favourite red carpet looks have been this year.

this post is just about celebrities and fashion – be warned.

my favourite of all has been michelle williams

wearing: suno / erdem / jason wu / sonia rykiel

carey mulligan was quite possibly the girl of 2010, and deservedly so…

wearing: bottega veneta / preen / christopher kane / elie saab / vionnet

keira knightley also rocked some seriously great looks (unsurprisingly)

wearing: chanel. in all of these.

another constant favourite is kirsten dunst

wearing: chanel / louis vuitton / chanel

maggie gyllenhaal looked amazing at the golden globes

wearing: roland mouret

a lady who i’m not a fan of professionally but has superb style, is kate bosworth:

wearing: erdem / valentino

a notable mention goes to chloe sevigny in proenza schouler:

…and angelina jolie in vintage versace at the japan premiere of salt made me go, “whoa!” holy shit.


  1. Yeah…. I definitely have an enormous folder filled entirely with pictures of movie stars in gorgeous clothing. All of these dresses are in it. The only reason I subscribe to famous-people blogs is to save pictures of glorious fashion… and to find out when new movie trailers are released because good god do I love movie trailers. And fashion, obvs.

  2. Just looked again Keira far left and Kirsten middle blue. I wish Chloe had worn low back bra. Its not that I don’t get what she was trying to say i just like it the other way

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