this project by benjamin critten

… immediately made me think of this house

which was used as the basis for the house in charlie’s angels. do you remember? sam rockwell was wooing drew barrymore up until he revealed himself to be the bad guy and put her through a window…

and even after the fact i still wanted her to end up with him, because sam rockwell is awesome!

… anyway, one of the houses benjamin critten mentions in the publication is jackie treehorn’s place in the big lebowski (i can’t think of jackie treehorn without remembering that note he scribbled, makes me giggle every time.)

this is the sheats goldstein residence, which was designed by the same architect who was responsible for the chemosphere – john lautner.

the same house was incidentally also used in bandits (a completely underappreciated movie, in my opinion)

another of the films mentioned in the publication is diamonds are forever, which was partly filmed in the elrod house, designed by (you guessed it) john lautner.

AND he mentions twilight (not the silly vampire one) – which uses the jacobsen residence, also by lautner.

he also designed the house from a single man, which i was perving over a while back

not that anyone in the single man was particularly evil.

thus, my conclusion is that if i had to live in a movie i would want to be the bad guy because they are invariably the raddest characters and they get to live in the nicest houses.


  1. Loved this post! I am a fan of weird/cool architecture and fancy swanky homes… and all of the movies aforementioned!

  2. Due to the influence of this post I Netflix-ed Charlie’s Angels (since I hadn’t watched it in years). I am just at this very moment watching the scene where Sam Rockwell pushes her out the window. I don’t care what some people would say about it – this movie is freaking awesome! So fun. Also – I love Sam Rockwell too (I saw him in a play on my birthday last year & he was amazing).

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