i become a serious moaner around summer time. i hate the heat and all i want is to be able to wear boots and jerseys and all sorts of other warm things. ideally the sun must shine but the air should be cold – is that too much to ask? i suppose it is. on top of it all stockholm street style has been banging out the best shots of ladies in winter garb, making me doubly jealous of the northern hemisphere.

all images courtesy stockholm street style


  1. This is def. not in Stockholm right now! Sweden is covered in snow… These outfits would be tooooo damn cold :)
    I think these are still Paris pictures :)

  2. yeah i think they are from earlier in the year. but that is pretty much how people dress in south africa even in the dead of winter, as it doesn’t get too cold. guess i shouldn’t complain about our weather too much, eh??

  3. I can relate! I’m a “cold lover” too! The sad thing is that I live in Texas and today it was in the 80’s and it’s suppose to be Christmas time!! I’m hoping that it will cool down just a bit on Christmas Day! Merry Christmas! XO!

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