i would have liked to pop into rose bakery when i was in paris recently, which is a popular eatery for lunch & brunch on the weekends (the concept of which is apparently a newish institution amongst parisians.) i’ve read mixed reviews about it online, but i suppose with any really popular place you’re going to have your fair share of lovers and haters.

since i can’t actually go to rose bakery, i might buy their book – the food looks rustic & scrumptious. though i have to admit i’d buy the book based on the cover alone, which is probably not a surprise.

photos: Rose Bakery





  1. I almost considered buying their book, but then I saw these guys book instead http://bourkestreetbakery.com.au – I want a shop that looks exactly like that one day, maybe less bread though … but I may be tempted by Rose Bakery again, they do a lot of gluten free stuff!

  2. Buy it! The recipes are so good. I use this and Ottolenghi’s book. Ottolenghi is mega but quite often they use tons of sugar and a lot of the recipes just don’t work. Plus they’ve kind of cheated and things like their brownie recipe is not the actual recipe they use in the restaurant. Lame. The recipes in Rose’s Bakery are worth writing home about everytime. Buy it ek se!

  3. From someone who used to live in Paris, just steps away from Rose Bakery these pictures bring back the most delightful feelings of nostalgia for me. The couple who owns the bakery are the sweetest people I met in my neighborhood, the walk to the bakery up the Rue des Martyrs is worth the trip alone. My roommate and I would stumble down our 5th floor walk up on Sunday to indulge in the banana pancakes and enjoy the never ending bowl of cafe au lait and of course… to steal some glances of the most adorable parisian waiter in all of the 9th arrondissement. Thank you, thank you for bringing me back miss moss

  4. @jess – now you have both ;)

    @lyndall – i actually had a chance to page through it (my roommate got it for christmas.) it’s super rad, had a nice clean layout and recipes that looks pretty darn good.

    @juliana – man what a great story – thanks for posting!

  5. This blog is amazing. Everything I love, you blog about, So i’ve been paging back for hours. I’ve been teaching myself to cook so I especially enjoyed the food part of you blog and one day when im more experienced in the kitchen I am going to have to try make that kfc chicken .

    what country do you live in Miss moss?

    • @ miss kotova – glad you like everything around here. you should get your hands on this (rose bakery) book if you can, the recipes are super simple to follow (and tasty to boot.) oh and i live in stellenbosch, south africa.

  6. oh what a shame you couldn’t visit rose bakery while you where in paris! It is amazing! they have absolutely great food and the restaurants have an amazing atmosphere…just buy the book, it’s my bakingbible! :D

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