3 x 3

1: apc / 2: united bamboo / 3: apiece apart / 4: cacharel / 5: organic by john patrick / 6: united bamboo / 7: maison martin margiela / 8: chloë sevigny for o.c. / 9: chloë sevigny for o.c.


  1. I love your taste and your posts are always so spot on. Your “these things” series always broadens my horizons and your style leave me craving. Thanks for sharing!

  2. hesitant to comment because with 3 currently I would throw off the symmetry of this post……. but hey! love the chloe X oc clogs and just about all of those blouses would be lovely in my closet these days. cheers to impeccable taste! on your end for sure!

  3. I love the a.p.c and united bamboo sweaters! I wish I could afford those right now — nice selections.

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