jan and rohan run a graphic design company called fanakalo in my hometown of stellenbosch. i regularly see their designs when i’m walking around town, especially on posters for local markets and on many a south african wine.

i LOVE this wine label design they did for helderberg wijnmakerij. i remember seeing it for the first time when i was wandering around in my supermarket’s wine section trying to decide what to get. living in the winelands means we are spoilt for choice & on top of that i’m a total wine heathen… i don’t really know what is good or not (when it’s cheap it’s bad, right?)  THEN i saw this bottle and picked it up right away. another case of judging a book (slash wine) by its cover – this usually works out for me, though. if something has a great design 99% of the time the product is great too.

the rest of their work is wonderful too…

all designs by fanakalo


  1. My boyfriend was recently trying to pick a bottle of wine for us to give to someone as a present and chose this one solely based on the label as well. job done!

  2. I also judge the wine by its label… all the time…I don’t know much about wines, I don’t drink much but I love giving it as a gift, I’ve always been embarrassed by the fact… thanks for allowing to let it out… lol… better labels make better looking gifts ;-)

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