arleen whelan / robert henri – edna

luise rainer / egon schiele – edith schiele seated

sophia loren / gustav klimt – portrait of johanna staude

gary cooper / gustave courbet – the desperate man (aka the man made by fear)

marilyn monroe / john white alexander – june

june allyson / tatiana gorb – schoolgirl*

*thanks vladimir


  1. Loving this new series, and I probably don’t say this too often – but I think your sense of style is BRILLIANT! Maybe that painting’s a Mary Cassat?

  2. +100000000 times…U have an incredible eye and i just love your site.Its a total visual feast

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  4. Hi I love this series and introduced your blog to one of my students who has been photographing flowers and was looking for a new direction. Taking inspiration from you she is going to be doing a series looking at fashion images and images of flowers.

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  6. My passion is to collect and sell one of a kind costume jewelry, both new and previously owned. In my shows, I always try to find unexpected ways to pair the color or design of a jewelry piece with another item, not necessarily clothing, in order to evoke a deeper sensory reaction in the viewer… and hopefully, buyer! I find your pairings to evoke this sensory reaction in me.

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