you know those rich people who live in one part of the world for 6 months and then scoot over to another hemisphere so they can sweat and simmer in summer all year round? yeah. i’m the opposite of those people. i would take my billions and travel to where it’s always autumny and cool – all the time.

illustration: jen collins / hellojenuine

i have to admit that this post is mostly due to the fact that we’re experiencing 40°C / 104°F degree heat right now (and it’s not even february yet, groan.) i’m not a habitual complainer, promise – i’m lucky enough to live in a country that has the kind of weather everyone wants: mostly sunny, mostly all the time and mostly devoid of extreme weather conditions – unless you count the south easter in cape town as extreme.

photo: nich hance mcelroy

perhaps that’s why i yearn for cold weather as much as i do.

photo: emerson merrick

a lot of my readers are from overseas, and you’re probably rolling your eyes at me right now! but when i was in europe for a time and experienced the kind of cold people in the northern hemisphere are used to, i totally reveled in it.

photo: diana catherine

photo: kirill kuletski

if i wake up in the morning and it’s raining? that makes me happy.

photo: natalie kucken

photo: george eastman house

if i get to wear boots all day long? double happy.

all boots: totokaelo

if i have to put an extra blanket on my bed at night? that’s me basically dying of happiness.

photo: tess holley

quilts from kim eichler-messmer

… and if it starts SNOWING? i’d probably pass out from joy.

photo: daniel gebhart de koekkoek

photo: vladimir kostromitsky


  1. i also get really excited when i wake up and see overcast, rainy skies. since moving here i’ve realized how much i miss having 4 proper seasons. i could also use some cold weather.

  2. i am such poop when it comes to cold weather.. really love the summer but these photos are amazing!!

  3. Here in Northern Europe most people would take the first plane to the South to escape the cold if they had the chance. We’ve had non stop snow and freezing cold for almost two months already (right now a snow blizzard is raging outside my windows) and it is causing a lot of problems for the infrastructure and people with chronic ill health, not to mention the skyrocketing heath bills. Personally, I like how the seasons change dramatically and I don’t think I would want to live anywhere else (ask me again in a month or two).

  4. living 11 000 km north of where you are and in temperatures 65 degrees celcius colder, i’m happy i’ve found your blog. most people here do pine for the climate you live in, but i personally love love love the winters we’ve got. one thing our locations do have in common is that bands never come play here, either. here’s to hoping that 2011 will bring some good live shows both up here and down there!

  5. it’s funny how people love to complain about the weather when in reality there’s something to love about almost all (non-extreme) weather conditions. i absolutely adore grey, rainy days, when you can wear boots and jump i puddles!

  6. @mariah / size too small – i know what you mean about having 4 proper seasons! ours just kind of melts from one to the other, hey?

    @molly – i think it’s cause you’re from durban ;)

    @ann – any extreme weather conditions are awful – we have our fair share of problems with heat waves, for instance (especially for people living below the breadline.) i think it really just comes down to the fact that i would take a cold & rainy day over a hot & sunny one.

    @solja – somebody should put together a winter music festival in finland, how awesome would that be?

    @ailsa – i agree with you completely. especially the boots part ;)

  7. you totally crack me up… but I agree about the rain, the boots and the snow. All divine… a while back I was chatting to someone about want to live in Cape Town, and they said to me, “but the winters are terrible!”. I nearly died. After 8 years in Boston I think I could enjoy a Cape Town winter :)

  8. This post is brilliant. However I just like the fact that we have hot seasons and cold seasons ’cause I just can’t make up my mind as to which one I prefer.

  9. i grew up with 4 seasons and then moved to los angeles for 5 years. the heat there had me craving rain too. i wish i could send some cold weather your way!

  10. you’d probably love san francisco– it’s pretty much 60 degrees farenheit all year round! boot weather all year round with the occasional “sandal week” in October.

  11. you are right. I am rolling my eyes. I’m originally from chicago, which has the coldest winters I’ve ever expearenced…I’m talkin -15 F. I’m getting my ass to texas asap.

  12. I feel the same way too. I’m from Brazil, and it’s been really hot since summer started. And here we don’t even have snow to brighten up the day. But I’m pretty happy with summer rains.

  13. I love the rain too! However I do enjoy to watch the seasons change. I enjoy them all, but I must say there is something very special about a rainy overcast day. As for the snow. . . well there is calm and quiet and peace on a whole new level when the ground is blanketed in snow and snowflakes are coming down, you feel like you are in a wonderful little snow globe. Pennsylvania where it snows 9 months a year! Love your blog you are so talented!

  14. Originally from Sydney (where we get zero snow!) and now currently living in South Korea, I’m in heaven everytime fall and winter come around. I love being rugged up, I love watching the snow fall outside and like you, I love being able to wear boots all the time without people thinking I’m crazy! Wonderful pictures!

  15. COMPLETELY agree. I’m in Portland, Oregon where it is nice and chilly, and I am dreading the march to Summer. Spring is ok, but I HATE the heat.

  16. As a Caribbean living in the Pacific Northwest, USA, I am loving more and more this crazy cold and rainy weather we have up here. It gives you a reason to wear pretty boots and lay under a billion layers of cozy quilts!!!!!! {Chelsea Fuss of Frolic sent me to your blog, lovely!)

  17. I am painfully pale (Irish/Welsh) and I sunburn within 15 minutes of direct sunlight. Unsurprisingly, the rain and fog where I live in Northern California are QUITE enjoyable. Now if only we had more snow…

  18. Lovely selection of photos :-)

    Haha, I am so not well adapted to cold weather. And I’m such a novice when it comes to winter dressing!

  19. oh i love the cold seasons too! i live in chicago and everyone here just complains and complains whenever the snow falls. i am alone in my love for snow and winter here, which is so weird, since midwest winters are pretty much renowned for their bitter cold and blizzards. hmm. anyway, loved your post. love your blog. thanks. :)

  20. I have to admit…I might be rolling my eyes at you just a LITTLE right now ;n )

    But at the same time, I love to go revel in the heat when I travel to warm places, so I can certainly see why it would be just the same for you, only in reverse!

  21. @elisa + @banana – guys! i should probably have said that i would love it if the weather was always autumny + cool, but NOT snowing / freezing. i can understand your frustration living in parts of the world where it is snowed in months at a time… but as you said banana, it’s just like living in parts of the world (ahem, here) where it’s BLAZING HOT for months at a time.

    on that note, i’m glad to see how many people love the cold as much as i do!

  22. I know how you feel, I’m from New Zealand but lived for a year and a half in London and I tell you, there is nothing greater than stomping through snow whilst wearing a big thick duffle coat with four layers underneath and all the merino woollen goodies that relatives from home had sent you. Feet stuffed into cable knit merino socks stuffed into leather boots. There is no call for that kind of dressing here and it’ll be one of the things I miss most come wintertime.

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