leeloo dallas multi-pass! that’s the first thing i thought when i saw the givenchy spring couture collection. the design detail & tailoring is simply astounding.

One outfit required 2,000 hours of cutting and 4,000 hours of sewing. A single pair of trousers had 90 meters of plissé. On this scale, appreciation of the clothes as they solemnly rotated from hangers in a reverentially hushed salon on the Place Vendôme became an almost academic exercise, like examining works of art in a gallery.

images courtesy of style.com


  1. biginmyhead Reply

    wow. that is dedication.
    i wish i could manage to get people to work 300000 hours on a project!

  2. sincere apologies, but it’s the only way i can stop bots from posting (literally) a million spam comments.

    amen indeed.

  3. big ups to iwishihadtaste’s comment. deffinitely very fifth element. love it. that pink dress with the chartreuse stones on the back is stunning.

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