jane birkin wore it then and i’d wear it now.

cords / loafers / belt / jersey / hat

blouse / belt / jeans / shoes / basket

trench / beret / tights / dress / shoes

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  1. This is so great! The outfits you made really draw attention to the details of the photos, I will definitely keep this post bookmarked for inspiration!

  2. That top sweater is sooooo nice. I can’t wait for winter so I can explore the tucking in of sweaters into pants.
    Jane, Jane, what a babe.

  3. Oh you are so good! Jane is inimitable, I could watch her forever. Love your blog!

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  5. I have a very similar section on my blog, it’s called “put some color on” and it’s b&w pics brought to color with contemporary clothes.

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