still confused as to why ‘pre-fall’ collections are being released now. the new york times explains,

The Pre-Fall Collections, being shown in New York over the next several weeks, arrive in stores in May to fill the gap between bikinis and furs.

wait, what? shouldn’t it be called pre-spring then… or am i missing something.

i would also like to note how many of the designers have been influenced by the seventies ‘trend’ that people are enjoying so much right now. so much so i might start to hate it soon.

that being said! i am enjoying these looks (see here for previous collection i liked)

adam (possibly my favourite so far)

sonia rykiel (alpaca herders unite!)

proenza schouler (man alive, i detest those shorts they did though)


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  1. “Pre-fall” never really made much sense to me either, but perhaps you switch the bikinis and furs in the analogy and it’s for September/October weather? Totally depends on the region though. But since the normally start selling the true fall/winter stuff August-ish or whatever, maybe May makes sense for pre-fall in the completely ridiculous fashion timeline.

  2. Ah, sorry for the spam but I realized that the analogy is actually the right way around. Gah, you’re not the only one confused by this!

  3. The reason why I love the Pre-Fall Season is because its literally pre-fall for us here in S.A.
    It provides me with mega inspiration for dressing up for the Highveld chill ;-)

  4. sweet Christ I hated their shorts as well. Too many people tried to parlay them as something other than horrendous.

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