have a sneaking suspicion that the apartments for sale at alvhem are cleverly furnished, styled and photographed by mega smart swedish real estate agents – duping us all into believing that we are inferior beings with inferior apartments.

i’d like to imagine that these are real homes, though. and then i ask myself… but why would you sell?

(they even have prop cats)


  1. Wow these apartments are eye candy. Yum. I love the wooden floor boards. White walls and dark wood is my ultimate fave. I certainly wouldn’t sell this place!

  2. These are surely real homes – if not then Swedish real estate agents are a force to be reckoned with. The pictures are just gorgeous – I especially like the blanket strewn on the bed and the amazing bookshelf in the bedroom. The only answer to why would they sell is that they have found somewhere better – can you even imagine what that must be like?!

  3. well, if they are not homes, I wonder where my colleague’s friend is REALLY living then… :) the props are definitely the real estate agents as the same the same Tretorn rubber boots, plants and even chairs often pop up in these pics.

    Then again, I have the same wooden floors, high ceilings, big windows here in Finland. I’m just missing the stylist!!

  4. That bedroom totally rules. I’d love waking up in that every morning! And that kitty is cute as a button :) Happy Friday!

  5. Does anyone know what that white candle/ fireplace unit in the bedroom would be called, or where to get one?!

    • @elizabeth i think those kind of fireplaces come standard in many swedish apartments like this – they are likely original fittings from when the buildings were built. the candles probably just indicate it’s not functioning anymore!

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