i watched the king’s speech this weekend and unsurprisingly loved every minute of it. colin firth is as good (great) as everyone says he is, geoffrey rush is always brilliant and helena bonham carter is flipping delightful. the set design & colour palette throughout the film is also quite mesmerizing – lionel logue’s office in particular. if this movie doesn’t win every single award it will (hopefully) get nominated for at the oscars, it’ll be a damn shame.

also look out for jennifer ehle (lizzie from the bbc production of pride & prejudice) as geoffrey rush’s wife!

be sure to read my post about king george & elizabeth, i love them even more now after watching this.


  1. Thanks for the posting (visited your post on George and Elizabeth as well)…Now I must see this film! (didn’t know that Jennifer Ehle was in it…love her) I’m sure that the acting is superb… the costumes and visuals look amazing. Have a great week…..k

  2. I loved this movie as well! It was my favourite movie of 2010. acting and cinematography matched eachother so well.

  3. It’s funny – when I saw the preview for this, it looked like the most boring movie I could ever imagine. Then my parent’s saw it and told me how wonderful it was. It’s most definitely on my to-watch list now.

  4. Indeed, this film was great! I intend to see it again…and again… I loved the fact that both Firth and Ehle were there. But didn’t you notice David Bamber (Mr. Collins from the same adaptation of Pride and Prejudice)? He was the guy who wouldn’t have Rush’s character as Richard III!

  5. So good. I teared up within the first 3 minutes in empathy for Bertie aka I knew I was going to love it within the first 3 minutes. I’d totally live in Logue’s office. And it just made me smile like a crazy person for almost the entire thing. Movies that make me appear to be slightly deranged to anyone who looks at me during a film = amazing movies.

  6. I LOVED this movie. The shots of Colin Firth on the couch in Lionel’s office were my favorite. My Grandma was obsessed with the Royals and I never quite understood it; now that I know more about Bertie and Elizabeth, I am too!

  7. Oh I just saw this last night too! It was absolutely brilliant. The cinematography was so beautiful, I adored the portrait like framing with the 1930’s wallpaper background. Firth better not be robbed of this Oscar!

  8. i saw it just yesterday… complete brilliance all around. the balance struck by the set design was incredible—half backdrop, half castmember. i loved the wallpaper in logue’s study and the amazing chipped paint walls of his office, and the fabric draped in the recording room in the last scene.

    SIGH! :)

  9. I was absolutely riveted by this movie, and I’m probably the most ADHD person ever to walk the planet. I usually get bored about sixteen minutes into a movie, but I didn’t even check my phone once during this. I actually cried! (REAL TEARS!)

    If this doesn’t win 2093423 awards, then I will do something zany…like eating my hat.


  10. I noticed the same thing about the sets when I saw this movie. Lionel’s office is very shabby, but still looks elegant. Even when we get the contrast between Lionel’s house and the royal palace, all the colors are mute, the decor is restrained but still “respectable.”

    I nearly squealed when I saw Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth together. She looks so much like Meryl Streep.

  11. I absolutely adored this movie! The cinematography was so incredibly beautiful, every scene was a delight. And my god! The acting! I’ve always enjoyed watching Mr. Firth but I was less familiar with Geoffrey Rush and he blew me away! This makes me want to run and see it again before it leaves the theater. (PS. You have a lovely blog. Thanks!)

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