you will have to pardon me, because the life archives have been fixed and so i’ve been happily immersing myself in old photos again. yayayay! (that’s a triple yay) look at these cute gals in their uniforms – this is the victory corps in 1942

As Americans became more involved in the escalation of World War II, volunteer organizations began to form. Seeing the need for high school students to become involved, the Victory Corps was established on September 25, 1942 . The purpose of this student organization was to prepare high school students to aid in the war effort on the homefront and the frontlines. Both girls and boys from white and African American schools participated. In order to be a member, a student needed to participate in a physical fitness program, enroll in a war-effort class, and volunteer for at least one extracurricular wartime activity.

that sounds like an ordinary south african school day to me. i don’t know about you guys, but my school had (a) uniforms (b) PE classes and (c) compulsory extracurricular activities. we would have been so ready for war*

mUx76.jpg (660×660)

* tongue firmly in cheek.


  1. I watched WWII documentary, The Colour of War (America Story) over the weekend. I’ll admit at 1st it was for learning purposes… but I noticed that fashion around that time was awesome…especially in colour alot of times the footage was in black and white and to see it colour was just inspiring, the clothes that is… found myself thinking that these pilots looked liked they just jumped Burberry ramp… and at point I started feeling guilty because I was now focusing on fashion more than the story…but its oks…I guess. Fashion is influenced by what is around us…

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