another edition of these things.

(new readers: this is a mind-dump. or a blog-dump, if you will.)

the latest iron & wine album, kiss each other clean, was released yesterday. it’s so good – get it here. their album covers are probably my favourite of any band’s. especially the shepherd’s dog. i had that dog as my desktop wallpaper for the longest time. suffice it to say, kiss each other clean is on my desktop right now.

nostalgia. i live with my best friends who i have known since i was 7. we reminisce a lot. lately we’ve been wanting to watch now & then – a favourite film from when we were tweens (we had mad crushes on devon sawa!) but we keep forgetting to download it. i mean… rent it at the video store. i lamented on twitter that christina ricci growing up to be rosie o’donnell was the height of absurdity. they should have just cut out the adult storyline completely, come to think of it. consequently had a brief convo with mallory about ricci’s other greats (addams family) and not so greats (casper)

update: mallory sent me this link regarding the christina ricci / rosie o’donnell debacle. i laughed.

a different type of now & then. mariah is ever so clever, in this rad series she contemplates which modern day designers would dress famous ladies from days gone by. it appeals to my sensibilities 1000%

i’ve been overplaying the decemberists, but have never delved into the world of illustrator carson ellis, wife of lead singer colin meloy. i was aware that she does all their album art, but didn’t realise that she & her husband have done a book together called wildwood (which he wrote and she illustrated.) the cover alone is pretty awe-inspiring. a thousand thanks to cath / wolfeyebrows for this.

some wintery street style that i have been loving. in case you don’t follow a million street style blogs like i do, hop on over to my tumblr – i am an habitual saver of nice fashion (and other stuff).

image credits from left to right: vanessa jackman , citizen couture, garance doré

what heaven must be like. photo by stamina.

the trip. i got into this series after my brother & were swapping links to michael caine impressions. steve coogan and rob brydon are two british comedians (you will undoubedtly know coogan as alan partridge) who are on a trip together to review five star restaurants in the english countryside for the observer newspaper. they both play semi-fictional versions of themselves, with improvised dialogue. in comedy terms similar to extras or curb your enthusiasm (but less cringey.) along they way they squeeze in impressions which, i must admit, are the highlight of the show. coogan’s stephen hawking had me cry laughing. after watching the following clip my friend said, “i want to be friends with them.”

sometimes a bed with built in wood panelling in the shape of an axis is a great idea.

this antique geological poster.

this cat made me laugh + creeped me out at the same time. not often that those two emotions go together. by just 85.

these penguins!


  1. Kristinejoy Reply

    lol i love your blog! great style, funny pictures, and fresh eye candy to look forward to after a long day

  2. Carson Ellis is one of my favourite illustrators. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

    Ohh Now & Then. Such memories!

    Love all the other links, too! Posts like this are my favourite on blogs.

  3. Good lord, when I was a kid my friends and I were so obsessed with Now & Then we each BEGGED our parents to build us a tree house so we could have a little club where we all hung out. I became obsessed with 60s music, the clothing, the whole thing. That movie means so much to me I almost don’t want to watch it as an adult because I might hate it and ruin the memory! Do you have Netflix instant where you are? I think it might be a US only thing, but the movie is on there.

  4. yes. now and then. watched over and over. mostly we debated about who would have been sam.

  5. I can’t believe i’ve never heard of The Trip, I love Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon! Can’t wait to watch the series now, thanks :) Also loving the fashion now&then, and book illustrations. How sweet for a couple to make a book together

  6. YES! Iron and Wine’s new album is terrific! I believe I could listen to “Walking Far From Home” on repeat all day long. Also, it’s streaming here:

    p.s. I had the Now & Then soundrack; I loved that movie so much, ha.

    p.p.s. I’m new to your blog and glad I found it! xo.

  7. Hey Diana, I love the Decemberists as well, and this book looks beautiful!Thanks also for the link to Iron and wine’s album!

  8. Now & Then! I have watched this movie a million times – Teeny tiny Thora Birch, & the best is when they meet just-home-from-war Brendan Fraser & dance on their bikes. Great soundtrack, too!

  9. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for several weeks now and…just adore it. So many fantastic old photos and, of course, new. I love it all.

    Anyway, just wanted to say Now & Then is a tween favourite of mine, too. My childhood friends and I aspired to have a summer like in the movie, but it never really happened, much to our disappointment (though we still had fun, of course).


  10. @kate – we don’t have netflix, unfortunately. in fact we only got high speed internet a few years ago… africa! i’ve also been kind of scared to watch it for the same reason. amazing so many of us loved it & wanted similar girl gangs / treehouses. i think it’s the mid-late twenties group that applies here.

  11. thank youuuu for carson ellis. wild fabulous artwork + design there—i’d never have known if not for thee, miss moss. also, iron & wine’s music and art! wowza. so much greatness in one post. <3

  12. Ohhh Now & Then! I loved that movie so much! And the soundtrack. And Devon Sawa. Where on earth is he now?

    I remember reading in one of those Teen Beat/Tiger Beat/whatever books that a girl had her dad paint a portrait of Devon and sent it to him and he thought it was so cool, so I spent the next month desperately drawing (re: TRACING) pictures of Devon that I planned to send but never did. OH youth.

  13. i came over here from rifle paper blog, and i gasped when i read about now & then and devon sawa. my co-workers and i (yes all female) were just listening to the now & then soundtrack last week, we then decided to print out photos of 13 year old devon sawa and post them up around our desks. everyone that comes by goes “devon sawa!! i loved him!”

    haha anyway.. fabulous blog!! thanks for the laugh!

  14. We must certainly be of the same vintage! I was just thinking about Now and Then the other day and my mad crush on Devon Sawa. I wonder where he is these days? I just love your blog, fabulous images and gorgeous little moments to reminisce.
    Sophie x

  15. Oh man, Now & Then!!! A childhood favorite of mine for sure. I was just telling my friend earlier this week that I needed to get my VHS converted to DVD…but really, I could probably just pick up the DVD at a used media shop for under ten bucks, so I’ll probably go that route. And, I’m sending that picture of the penguins to my best friend; she LOVES penguins. Thanks! :)

  16. I just started watching “The Trip,” and I can’t believe how hard it’s making me laugh. It’s the perfect trifecta of my favorite weaknesses: food, movies, and ridiculous impersonations.

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