you know, i swear a LOT in real life. i first spotted Fumio Watanabe‘s work on Kistina’s tumblr, and when i clicked through to his portfolio i actually said, out loud, “fucking hell.” i try to keep things clean on the blog because i know a lot of people don’t appreciate swearing (apologies for all the trash talk) – but i have to be honest with you, his work is so fucking mind blowing i consequently swore more than usual. but in a good way… a great way!

and it’s not digital guys – these are painted! either acrylic or gouache, i’m not sure (lots of japanese to google translate)



  1. That’s a well-deserved f-bomb. Those paintings are fabulous.

    On a side note, I am glad to see that I am not the only one around here with a gutter mouth. I have a terrible swearing habit – it’s a hard one to break isn’t it!

  2. they are great, but also a bit freaky for me… that’s looks exactly like where I grew up…. just with a sick twist (which would be exactly what it deserves!)

  3. Wow! The strong language is totally deserved.
    These paintings remind me a lot of Grant Wood’s landscapes, except fresh and updated. A perfect mix of both modern and pastoral. Love them!

  4. Holy cripes on a sh#t shingle!! These pieces are just incredibly fantastic and I had the exact same reaction as you did.

  5. O. M. G. They almost made me sort of squint… like my eyes thought they were little windows into bright little worlds! Pretty incredible.

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