the mid-month music mix is coming to you courtesy of a reader request,

I get up quite early and start at the office well before anybody else arrives. Nothing better than having coffee and some loud music then, to start the day. So, my request, could you do a morning playlist? Something that would be like a rare and refreshing fruit to start the day with, would be fantastic . . . Thank you!

so i decided to ask twitter buddy and music blogger lance daniels to help me out with the mix because (a) i trust his taste in music and (b) a co-lab is always fun. lance brought some serious treats to the table. we each chose 6 songs – his are in blue and mine are in grey.

get into it. playlist:

01. skee-lo – i wish
who doesn’t know the words to the chorus? no one, that’s who! a get up, sing along and boogie track.

02. the rapture – get myself into it
The Rapture never fail to put me in a good mood and this track in particular always gets my foot tapping at the very least.

03. a-ha – take on me (the twelves remix)
first of all, it’s a-ha. second of all, they’re being remixed by the twelves – possibly the best remixers ever.

04. architecture in helsinki – heart it races
This track was set as my iTunes alarm for the longest while. Such a fun tune. The video always makes me smile too.

05. death from above 1979 – sexy results (MSTRKRFT edition)
a favourite thing to do is walk down the street while this is playing, you can’t help but strut.

06. the dirtbombs – chains of love
Nothing like some good old Detroit soul-infused garage-rock to get you pumped up first thing in the morning.

07. pixies – debaser
were this song to play in a crowded bar after way too many beers some awful singing along will happen.

08. the asteroid galaxy tour – the sun ain’t shining no more
Not terribly original, but I’m a sucker for the whole retro-soul revival of the last few years, and these Danes pull it off really well.

09. desmond & the tutus – your girlfriend
“dude, i hate to tell – but your girlfriend looks just like willy nelson.”

10. the detroit cobras – hey sailor
More Detroit garage, just for good measure.

11. jimi hendrix – foxy lady
the first ten seconds explains why it was chosen. also: wayne’s world.

12. the rolling stones – miss you (disco version by bob clearmountain)
The original version of Miss You is infectious enough, but this authentic 1978 disco mix is positively irresistible. Makes me wanna boogie every time

ps: the boogie mix is also excellent for getting you going in the morning.

all music is for sampling purposes only – please go out and buy the artists’ records & support them at their shows!


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  1. Before even finding your mail, I logged into your blog this morning and found an answer to my request: What could be better than this? I will tell you, the playlist is. It is great and just the ticket to shake off any sleep still left in me in the morning. Like a rare and refreshing fruit indeed. And Mariella is right, as usual, the cover work is inspired. Many thanks dear Miss Moss!

  2. I LOVE your mixes. Esp. the Boogie mix! I gave it to one of my pals for taking me out to dinner and he played it on his college radio show!

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