i don’t tend to reblog stories from super well-known blogs like design sponge etc, as i know that 99% of you are readers too. but i’m going to do it today, specifically about jamie of from me to you – because her daily outfits whilst covering new york fashion week are simply too great.

It’s New York Fashion Week, you can’t just wear any old thing! I’m taking inspiration for my daily outfits to the tents from the women who have done it so well before us. We all have a right to look like a fashion icon, right?

go to her blog and check them out – she has loads of photos that are far too beautiful to miss.

all images by jamie beck


  1. I’ve been following Jamie’s blog for a while, and loving her fashion week adventures – but I think I might love these outfit/inspiration collages even more! Lovely!

  2. This post is absolutely lovely! I’m always inspired by the style of classic movie stars and style icons of the past decades.

  3. Wow, wow, wow. I don’t actually follow Design Sponge so it’s my first time seeing these. They are amazing!

  4. @ Lauren – these aren’t from design sponge, they are from Jamie’s blog From Me To You – i was just using design sponge as an example ;)

  5. These are beyond words thanks for sharing I didn’t know about Jaime’s blog. Now there’s a girl after my own heart.

  6. I ran into Jamie at the IFB conference and her look totally blew me away! It was the day she was wearing that first outfit. Just phenomenal personal style!

  7. This is probably not the first time I have seen her, but these photos with their inspiration sources are astoundingly beautiful together. I thought before reading the text, that she must be a French woman from the bygone days.

    Thanks for sharing!!!



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