you might be familiar with the amazing print work of designer mary katrantzou. well, her a/w 2011 collection recently unveiled at london fashion week is no different or any less spectacular. i’m sure you know what i did next…

pairing some of her pieces with decorative oriental prints & ceramics from various auctions at bukowskis

go here to see katrantzou’s non-cropped collection

all runway images courtesy of


  1. I tell you, I’m going to lay myself down and die from the splendor of it all. These are spectacular.

    I must go now. The beauty is overwhelming.

  2. Sweet lord, you are good at this blogging thing! Hit another one out of the park, in my opinion.

  3. I never get tired of the brilliance of these posts. Especially since this one is about one of my very favourite fall collections so far. Beauty

  4. These are really gorgeous, and actually kind of help me parse what patterns/prints/decorative motifs are going on in each look. . . makes me want to take pictures of my mom’s best dishes and see if I can print them on fabric.

  5. That is insane! And executed very well. Love it.

    PS- I’m hosting my first GIVEAWAY on my blog! Please come and see!

  6. Just when I thought your inspiring fashion + art pairing posts couldn’t get any better…
    I am amazed each time at how perfect a fit each one is.
    Your eyes is fantastic.

  7. I just found your blog through referrals to my site from your tumblr and i am DYING!! i feel like we are blogging soulmates … and i read A LOT of blogs, but I’ve never said that before! the palettes, the inspirations w the fashion images… ahhh! love it!

    come say hi on my blog and keep in touch!

    Holier than Now

  8. LOOOOVE it! Am going to repost this, hope you don’t mind! Love all Mary Katrantzou Danielle Scutt, Mark Fast pack of amazingness!

  9. Great, great job with this post! It’s one of my favorite London collections, and I love seeing the related inspiration right there next to it.

  10. P.S. – I just submitted this for Link Love over on Beautifully Invisible. I just love this post. :)

  11. these are amazing- so clever- the ocmbination of scale, colour and print is extraordinary. thank you for bringing
    this to my attention

  12. This is absolutely amazing! Thank you for introducing me to the collection and in such a unique and explosive way. I’m smitten with all the rich prints and original shapes. This is just what fashion and art are all about. Beautiful!

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  14. I absolutely love Mary Katrantzou….your pairing of her collection with the ceramics is brilliant!

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