hila of le projet d’amour asked me to put together a period drama / street style colour comparison series. my favourite thing! part one of a two part series is here.

period dramas vs street style

period dramas vs street style

period dramas vs street style



  1. Oh, I am absolutely loving this post! I am a big BIG fan of period costuming in film … have you ever tried to match up the fashion from the movie ‘Wings of a Dove’ … the one starring Miss HBC and Linus Roach? (he is so very handsome in this film …) I will watch that movie over and over again just looking for the nourishment that I get from texture and textiles. You Rock Miss M!

    blogs posted at your more recent Transkei posting … & photos from your friend Mike.

  2. ohh these are my favorite posts of yours! the color or concept comparisons. they’re always dead on! my favorite is the marie antoinette

  3. it is from the 1995 version of sense and sensibility with emma thompson & kate winslet.

    you can see all the links at the full post here

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