i grew up with birds. we had many a budgie, and my mom went through a phase where she bred parrots. so you know, angry african greys were the norm in my house. the one parrot we had perfectly imitated my mom calling me when i was on the other side of the house. so i’d hear, “diaaaaanaaaaaaaa!” and when i went downstairs there’d be no one around – only the parrot sitting in its cage with what i imagined was an amused look on its face.

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  1. I also have an African Grey at home that would do the exact same thing,
    “Laaaauuuuurrreeeeennnnnn” how they get the voice to sound exactly the same is incredible.

  2. my grandparents had an african grey that was given to them by a ship’s captain who couldn’t pay his rent. this bird had a fantastic vocabularly, most of it foul! as kids we thought this was the funniest thing ever!

  3. The neighbor in the apartment below us once had a contraband bird (there were no pets allowed in that building) and if we ever stayed home sick during the day, we’d hear “Cackaaaaw”! and then we’d hear “shut UP!” over and over and over. It was hilarious. And annoying.

  4. have you seen the “put a bird on it” short from portlandia? i would link you to hulu, but i dont know if it works for non US citizens. as someone who loves birds (my mom decorates with red cardinals; my grandmother had a pet cockatiel growing up), i thought it was really funny!

    • @ lexie – haha yeah, that’s where i got the title from ;)

      (makes me laugh just thinking about it)

      • I totally thought of Put A Bird On It too! My sister and I used to both go to the same old lady hair salon when we lived in NYC located on Avenue B. The woman that owned the salon adopted a baby bird and he would fly through the shop landing on people’s heads at random. I have a picture somewhere of that bird perched on my sister’s head.

  5. Strangely enough, the only two birds I’ve ever had in my life actually came to me. First, when in high school, a little blue fella landed on my mother’s leg at the local Farmer’s Market. We brought him home and named him Milo. Then in college, one night while closing up the record store where my ex worked, we suddenly found ourselves in the company of a green and yellow budgie, who I chased around the aisles and eventually caught. We christened her (Man) Machine, after our favorite Kraftwerk song. Later in life, while living at my best friend’s mother’s house and sharing a cage with, who else, Milo, I’m pretty sure she murdered the poor fellow in cold blood one night. They were both a bit deranged though.

  6. miss crowland Reply

    i love it! I also grew up with budgies…these pictures remind me of being a kid. We had one budgie that loved to drink my dad’s wine. If my dad went to the wine cellar without a glass, he would never stay with him, but if he did have a glass, he would!

  7. This post brings up warm and fuzzy memories of my pet budgie. His name was Pietertjie and he did so many tricks that it would take a while to tell you all he could do.

  8. i love your story with this series of photos. you have such a great memory and a way with words! P.S. fantastic job over at cup of jo!

  9. @ banana + miss crowland – your stories made me laugh so much

    @ tunet – pietertjie sounds awesome

    @ erin – thanks! it’s been a good blog week ;)

  10. i love this post! i’m owned by a sun conure, and i’ve lived with budgies and wild birds that i’ve raised, so i thoroughly enjoyed your pictures and story! birds are amazing, and i think they bring so much joy!

  11. When my dad was unable to work due to illness he spent hours sitting still with bit of meat near by feeding the local magpie group. As the days went by he placed the meat pieces closer and closer until the magpies got so comfortable with him that they would hop up into his lap and take the food right from his hand – and I have to confess from his lips. I have a photo of him with a group of magpies sitting on his head, arms and shoulders. Each year they would bring their babies to introduce them to him. They would call for him to come outside and the saddest thing was when he died they called and called and even came into the house looking for him. They missed him too.

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