have you seen summertime with katharine hepburn? looks like i need to watch it.

screencaps courtesy of marcine miller


  1. I saw it last year. it’s a sweet movie. something for late nights when you are home alone. it was one of those quiet happy movies that leaves you with a little smile on your face.

  2. I think I could get high on the vintage Venice shots alone. . . especially the one of her looking across at St. Mark’s. It was all under construction wraps and tapes and stuff, as well as being a bit flooded, when I was there. . .still beautiful but not quite as romantic. It’ll be fun to watch this movie and see what it looks like at its best.

  3. i live in japan and this came on tv one night suddenly at 3 in the morning. i was so seduced by the old views of venice- i stayed up all night! never knew the title though. thanks!

  4. Oh yes! It’s really beautiful and if I’m not mistaken it’s on Netflix Instant and will soon be on Hulu plus! Definitely worth seeking out.

  5. Summertime is one of my favorite movies ever. It’s so amazing and romantic and swoon worthy. Rossano Brazzi is so handsome and manly. Must watch!

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