i think it goes without saying how much i love the dead photographers project

Deadphotographers is a forever expanding collection of images which explore the relationship of photography and our changing time while aiming to prove the theory that everyone has a good photograph in them. The project is curated by James Dodd, a UK based photographer, who uses his father’s removals company as the only source of discovering the photographs.

Each photograph is collected through house clearances of the deceased, where unwanted items are discarded, including whole photography archives of the once keen photographers. The experience, skills and styles of the photgraphers range vastly. But with most there is a sense of love of their subjects and of the activity they once pursued.

Most collections are cared for, dated and ordered to some level, and kept securely, only to see them quickly discarded along with other once loved trinkets as soon as they pass. If they didn’t become part of this collection, they would simply be disposed of and never see the light of day again.


  1. fantastic project, there’s something so touching about turning unwanted items into something of worth. I wish there were more projects like it.

  2. I took a look at the website and some of the images are really great…it’s actually quite touching to think that if this project had never happened these images (and perhaps some of the people in them) would have never seen the light and would have just been discarded and forgotten …I agree with Hila, I hope that there would be more projects like this around..

  3. Amazing…I hope this happens to my old photos someday…it’s impossible to convey how much photos mean to their owners, so oh this touches me so much! (plus the photos are just eye candy!)

  4. Awesome. Awesome.

    & completely awesome.

    It almost makes me cry (seriously) to think of photos being thrown away! I’d take them! I wish that I had magical powers so the instant before someone was about to toss an old cardboard box filled to bursting with pictures into a dumpster, my address would miraculously POP! into their heads…. and they’d happily pay absurd postal fees to send me the photos.

    I WISH.

    I’d possibly share some with you. My cast-offs. Sorry.. I’m selfish in that way, haha

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