i started a breakfast tumblr! (another great way to waste time) breakfast nerds unite.

latest street style i’ve enjoyed. left to right: street style aesthetic ; mr. newton ; sartorialist

really love the styling of this website

download the new strokes song for free from their official website

this set of vintage wedding photos

this landscape by brian adams

forget kirsten dunst, james marsden in band of ousiders is the best

debbie does… – such an awesomely playful corp id design by brogen averill via september industry

this exquisite portrait by b erta

loving the home of lizzy janssen

this girl

this illustration from angelique by roger duvoisin

and finally, ron swanson is my new desktop wallpaper & that makes me happy.


  1. how do you get all of those great pictures, girl?
    very cool, more than very cool
    cheerio from Poland

  2. New to your site and love it! And I had to add you to my favorites after seeing that you too appreciate Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of greatness. I printed it out last week and it is now framed on my desk. Makes me happy too!

  3. So many great things! And apparently we think alike,because the Swanson pyramid is my desktop too. It never fails to make me smile when I see it.

  4. Petunia! Roger Duvoisin is so good. I have a copy of Petunia and the sequel (of course I can’t remember what it’s called right now) and they’re among my fave vintage children’s book finds.

  5. I’m already a big fan of your breakfast blog, just scrolling and drooling.

    and oh Swanson :)

  6. what fun your tumblr is! I was just having MY breakfast as I was reading your blog… :)

  7. Thanks for referring to my scan of Roger Duvoisin’s from my flickerstream. I believe the illustration is from the book Angelique, though, instead of Petunia.

  8. Goodness gracious, your breakfast tumblr is chalk-full of such yummy, mouth-watering goodness! Love, love, loving it. Happy Valentine’s Day. xo Lola

  9. Oh, your breakfast tumblr is perfection. Along with your blog – I haven’t commented before, but I adore it. :)

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