stella mccartney dress / ally capellino bag / kiehl’s musk /  uniform wares watch / dieppa restrepo shoes

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  1. Love it, especially the bag and the shoes. And now I’m curious to try that eau de toilette.

  2. i LOVE kiehl’s original musk! i basically forced my boyfriend-now-husband to start wearing it years ago and now it’s his signature scent. i secretly like that not a lot of other guys wear and (of course) that i can steal it on occasion and wear it, too!

  3. Lovely! The dress is so beautiful – it looks like a work of art! The bag is wonderful as well, so gorgeously distressed!

  4. just, perfect. indeed they do! this is verging on fangirl sounding, but i don’t mind. you should really start a print journal with these (and just about everything on this blog) – i shall happily be your publisher, and then everyone will have the chance to see, flip through, and cut them out and place them on their walls to be inspired.

  5. Kristine Joy Reply

    this is so beautiful! the browns and the textures are all perfect

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