i know that a lot of the fashion i post is very bright and quite LOUD on the print scale, but mostly i tend to go for far more neutral colours in real life. black is a favourite… and jeans of course. prints wise mostly things that are pretty chilled. i also love just plain white, grey, navy, light denim blue, dark greens & browney / mustardey colours. i wish i could be more adventurous sometimes. i once stood in an h&m for literally 10 minutes hovering over an electric blue oversized sheer blouse. walked out of there empty handed, and regret it to this day. you idiot! why didn’t you buy that electric blue blouse? and so it went for the next 24 hours on the plane ride home.

this vibe

blouse / sunglasses / shoes / striped top / watch / ring / bag / boots / earrings / jacket / shirtdress

this vibe

streetstyle aesthetic / the locals / the streethearts



  1. At least next time you’ll buy that bright/bold colored item. Wow that zigzag navy and creme sweater is calling my name.

  2. I am just like you, when it comes to personal style. I love it, when I see people wearing bright colours and well mixed prints, but I am a bit too chicken myself to do it. I am slightly improving though :)
    But I do have to say, that light blue shirt with the camel trousers are so simple and classic – those kind of outfits will always appeal to me!

  3. I love it! The trench coat is stunning, the feather earrings clever! (finally feather earrings that will actually last!) And the colours! SO beautiful. Miss Moss my respects! You’ve got a great eye! :)

  4. i love how you always add a watch in the collections you do. it seems less and less people are wearing watches as they check the time on their phones. I have always adored watches and think its the ultimate fashion accessory!

  5. So I shouldn’t feel too bad about letting my friend talk me out of a great sale-priced black alpaca coat last month, (some friend, huh?). Hey, we’ve all done it. Now, if I can just stop dreaming about that dang coat!

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