i’m just filing this away right here for when the time is right. our summer is still in full swing – so high waisted flared jeans worn with boots, socks, tucked in shirts, jerseys, coats and all the best things in the world aren’t an option right now. i look at these outifts the same way someone on a diet might look at a food blog.

variacje / vanessa jackman

those jeans

streetpeeper / vanessa jackman

those jeans

vanessa jackman / elle

those jeans


  1. so with you on this. all i hear since moving to cape town is ‘ohhh, the sun, it’s summer, i love the beach, summer is Amazing’ bla bla bla. well, i love the COLD. and sweaters and coats and scarves!! i’m currently camped out in the aircon and hope to stay here round the clock, for the foreseeable future. happy to know theres someone else who feels the same way :)

  2. I’m located in Belgium (clod and rainy) so I say Yes Yes Yes! I want one to wear with some beautiful pair of clogs. JAMES JEANS and J BRAND have some nice high rise flare jeans. Love your blog btw!

    Love, Betsy.

    • @ Laura – it’s definitely a revival of the nineties / seventies …

      either way at least we can get good quality bells / flares / bootcuts, now that they’re once again “in fashion”

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