i don’t know how i hadn’t seen these until now. adam simpson was commissioned to do an interpretation of the five best film nominees for the brochure artwork of this year’s BAFTAS (which was on 13 february) – um, WOW!


  1. These are so great! I wish I could have one of each to decorate an entryway or family room with!

  2. Oops, when I saw the title of this post I totally thought it was the name of a band!

    These images are amzing.

  3. These are fantastic – I especially like how lonely they are – the imposing cavern of the King’s Speech and the lonely aspect of the Social Network in particular.

  4. I like all except the ballet one, and I don’t get the last one … which movie did I miss? Hmmmm. Thanks for this post.

  5. Ah… wow. Great find, I’m so happy you shared this! I completely agree with Siubhan- the loneliness captured in each of these interpretations is breathtaking.

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