dusty rose is what i guess you’d call it, one of my absolute favourite colours (as seen in my current ‘logo’) and captured so perfectly in this outfit snapped by the sartorialist. oh my – it is quite possibly the best street style look i have seen this year so far. everything about this lady from her hair down to her loafers makes me smile.

photo credits: lucien pissarro by camille pissaro / pot pourri by herbert james draper / stardust motor hotel by what makes the pie shops tick? / zion national park by moominsean / rachel comey top / acne top

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  1. One of my favorite shades too. I like mine a little more peachy-coral though. Must wear more of it this spring!

  2. I always love your comparisons to fine art, and the fact that you have Pissarro right above an Anaheim motel makes me smile.

  3. i love when you post art along with what you’re grooving to, style- or music-wise, or whatever… it just brings everything together in the nicest way. and i second the call for dusty rose. it is an understated, complex, particular color… lovely for spring, too.

  4. Last week I posted on twitter that my all time favorite color combination is dusty rose and olive green. I’ve been wearing those two colors non stop! I love how romantic dusty rose is. It’s just my absolutely favorite shade of pink. I just love flowers in that color.


    I may use it as my wedding color scheme, if I ever get married someday?! :)

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