i first discovered elias & theresa through my prolific flickr browsing, and began admiring their very beautiful photostream and blog orange juice etc. i featured their woodsy landscape photographs, too. theresa and i decided to do a list swap – i contributed a top ten list to their blog and they did a combined things i like right now list in return. BOOM! ps: their lovely home was recently featured on design*sponge.

things i like right now by elias & theresa of orange juice etc

  1. The Life of Pi – A wonderful story that will work its way right into your heart and do its best to mess with your mind. It’s a sentimental choice for us since we’ve named our blog after a saucy female orangutan named Orange Juice who plays an important role in the story.
  2. Bullet crystal necklace – I purchased a crystal bullet necklace from Gather Jewelry a few months ago, I want to wear it every single day. It comes in handy when we’re hunting unicorns too.
  3. Succulents – These adorable like freaks of the plant world require little to no maintenance and come in a variety of spiky, blobby shapes. Not to mention a wonderful range of minty greens. We love them and they’re slowly filling up the nooks and crannies of our apartment. Photo by Evelyn Howard
  4. Film cameras – Because they’re shiny, classic, and have all kinds of fun knobs to play with. Plus you get loads of vintage points for shunning digital in favor of film. I haven’t figure out what to spent MY vintage points on yet, but it’ll probably be more film cameras. Photo by Susan Yee
  5. Filson jacket – Filson’s slogan is “Might as well have the best”. They aren’t joking, this jacket is amazing. Theresa surprised me with it for Christmas and I look forward to cold days now just so I can wear it. It has the added bonus of a duck pocket in the back (you know, because what better use for your $300 jacket than to stuff it full of bloody waterfowl). Theresa utilizes the duck pocket for the much less gruesome task of keeping her arm warm on walks.
  6. Early sunrise – Spring and summer mean that we don’t have to go to work in the dark. This makes it so much easier to get up in the morning and gets Elias all excited to haul out one of our many film cameras to take for one of his pre-work photo walks. Photo by Emelie
  7. French Press coffee – Trust me, it’s way better than drip. Not for the weak of heart though. Literally, if you have a weak heart you should probably stick to decaf or some poorly brewed drip ;) Photo by Denis Albertovich
  8. Theo Chocolate: Organic, Fair trade, delicious, AND maybe the best chocolate packaging ever! A real treat for the eyes and the mouth. Plus they are a Seattle based company and it’s nice to support your neighbors.
  9. Lambswool Mens sweaters – These are everything we want in an article of clothing. Classic, comfortable, and gender neutral. It’s great because for the price of one sweater we end up with something both of us can wear.
  10. The Crocodile – Arena rock, or more specifically rock concerts in arenas, is for suckers. We’ve been spoiled by all the tiny concert venues in Seattle. There’s really nothing like seeing your favorite bands up close and personal. We were close enough to tie Richard Edward’s shoelaces together when we saw Margot And The Nuclear So & So’s there a while back and it was amazing. The Croc is our favorite of them all, it just has a great vibe to it, and every show we see there seems like the best one ever.
  11. Harry Potter – We don’t really know exactly WHY we so adore Mr. H.P., but we sure do. For New Year’s in Idaho we avoided the 10 degree weather by force feeding ourselves the magical goodness that is the entire available collection of Harry Potter movies. We loved every minute of it.
  12. Screenprint letters: Jessica Hische – Jessica is amazing, inspirational, and ridiculously talented. It’s worth having these just for the the cool factor they bring to our living room. However, we are not shy about being that sappy couple that does everything together. I mean we DO have matching star tattoos from our honeymoon. The next logical step was our screen-printed initials in all their splendiferous typographic glory.
  13. The Decemberists – We have always had a running joke about how much we hate babies (anyone younger than us that we find annoying). It’s a joke, we love babies and want to have them someday, but it’s delightful to find a band that shares our twisted sense of humor concerning those darn kids. Don’t believe me? Go listen to “Shankhill Butchers”. Their most recent album is quite good, and we’ve been enjoying it immensely of late.
  14. Weekends – They should all come with an extra day. A day for friends, a day for church, and a day for ourselves. But we take what we can get and make the most of our 2 glorious work-free days. They are precious.


  1. I just read Life of Pi last month, I loved it. I was so indignant about the ending though, I’m still unsure what happened but I know what I choose to believe happened.. hard not to avoid spoilers!

  2. Can I just say “ditto” to this whole list? It’s fabulous.

    I love theo chocolate– but have you seen the packaging Mast Brothers’ uses? Gosh. If there are two things I love, they’re chocolate + good packaging.

  3. the life of pi was fascinating indeed. i was just toying with the idea of getting a TLR camera – but a toy one, can’t handle the real thang. i just got myself some menswear today. and i like the sound of the decemberists.

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