pictures that induce happiness and somehow manage to distract from the realities of real life.

ps: have you called your mom & dad lately? do it now.

david bailey

helen korpak

briton riviere: sympathy

randy martin


what makes the pie shops tick?


  1. LoVe-lOvE this post! Especially the bike ride on that beautiful path, but the first photo is pretty amazing too (reminds me of mom)

  2. That last picture is brilliant!

    Even though I’m at my dad’s house this week my mother fetched me from school today & decided that because it was raining we needed to have some hot chocolate & cake. It made my day.

  3. and… continuing from the comment I just left on The Spruce Goose post…. I watched As Good As it Gets last week too. Although, that isn’t so coincidental because it’s one of my favorite movies ever and I watch it more than any normal person should. I use the phrase “nancing around” all the time, due to Melvin’s influence, only I don’t use it to be derogatory towards my neighbor…. I’m usually describing myself.

    If I was a person who put things on my front door, or put framed sayings on my wall, or stitched little phrases into pillows – the phrase I would choose would be : “Sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here. ”

    Okay. I think that’s it.

  4. Also: I just realized how light & bright my comment was in response to what is ultimately a somber post (I’m a fool), so I want to retract my lightheartedness… or at least add to it that I hope your (& your family’s) real life gets to be a little bit more good times noodle salad-y very, very soon. Real life tends to blow every once and a while (or frequently, actually) which is half of the reason why I love movies so much. Even if they’re about messed up dudes like Melvin Udall.

  5. you are so right! these do distract from real life. And I absolutely loved looking at every single one so thank you!

  6. Bonnie Flame Reply

    You make my day. You really do. And seeing these photos from the downy comfort of my bed have brightened my morning before the day has even begun. I WILL call my dad today. I have been meaning to do so since last friday. Every time I see and older gent on the bus, I get a little bit melancholy thinking that my Dad won’t be too far off from there. But then again, it will probably be a good 10 years. I think I worry about the swift passing of time too much. Distract me from the realities of real life? Yes, yes you do.

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