so … Bukowski’s. i can’t help myself. had a major browse through their Vintage & Jewellery catalogue which auctioned two days ago. tons of items from designer labels like ysl, louis vuitton & chanel (including chanel no.5 brooch which i thought was pretty cool) and you know, it’s all very beautiful – but what i was most interested in was the scarves. particularly the Hermès scarves, which i have always delegated to old lady territory until i became intrigued by the possibility of wearing head scarves last winter.

of course, wearing them around your neck is probably a good idea too. though i have never mastered the art of tying a delicate square silk scarf without it looking like a complete mess. and besides, you want to see the amazing prints right? these would go straight into frames on my walls, hypothetically. they sold for between € 150-350 each by the way…


  1. I actually found the Jacquard Les Fetes du roi Soleil Hermes scarf at the salvation army for $1.00 two years ago. It’s amazing.

  2. Do you Know the web site and the shop from Catherine B ? she is in Paris and she’s specialised in Hermès and Chanel …. , also 2 shop in St Germain des Près 1 and 3 rue Guisarde 75006 paris

  3. Oh these are just beautiful! I especially like the blue one with the jungle theme! @ Elissa I am so glad that you mentioned Catherine B. I was going to do the same! She has a collection of Hermès scarves to rival all others..very impressive indeed!

    Voila a direct link to the scarf collection!
    P.S. if you are looking for a particular scarf you can always send an email inquiry.

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