this post has really taken me long enough, because jeff bridges has the best personal website EVER and it deserves to be thrown around all over the internet all the time. have you seen his photography? these were from making true grit

also, admittedly, this post came about because of this photo of him that i saw on annette’s tumblr



  1. just watched a documentary about bridges and his photography. apparently, when he was young he would drive around with his brothers and they would put on readings of shakespeare’s plays out of the back of their pickup truck.

  2. I remember seeing his photos from The Fabulous Baker Boys and The Fisher King a few years ago. After reading his comments on his site, you can tell what a laid-back, generous guy he is. I want to work on a film set with Jeff Bridges!

  3. Whoa, you were not exaggerating–that is everything a personal site should be AND MORE. Speaking of “more” than I was expecting, that last photo is giving me some…complicated feelings. Oh, Jeff!

    Ps. I’m so glad you liked my Sartorialist post. I saw that you linked to it on Twitter but my account is protected so I wasn’t able to thank you on there!

  4. Thanks for tripling my Jeff crush. I think he’s sexier in the 2nd last photo, actually! His shots remind me of Dennis Hopper’s behind-the-scenes shots he took working on film sets. Awesome.

  5. Oh Jeff, you can mumble in my ear any old time. (Hehe, I wondered where all my new followers came from suddenly!)

  6. I’ve also discovered his amazing website due to that topless picture! Seriously funny how that picture has been around for a while and no one has noticed until now.

    Great post as always! xx!

  7. ooh, i so want to be his friend based on his website! love his photos and handwriting all over the site…

  8. And here I was thinking that the Against All Odds version of him was the foxiest…whoops.

  9. Yep. Posted on this on two separate blogs…he’s a terrific & multi-talented guy. Try to get hold of the PBS special “The Dude” from the American Masters series. Don’t have the link handy but some of my readers in UK were able to watch it online.


  10. what a great find! he is super talented and, i have to admit, i’ve seen him in a different light! a sexy light!


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