it’s a long weekend here. been sleeping a lot – it’s nice! here’s a jumbled edition of these things for you.

you must create seen via shiny squirrel

have been completely and utterly obsessed with twin peaks. finally finished watching it this weekend, and kind of want to watch it all over again right away.

… which is why i particularly enjoyed david lynch’s hair compared to famous paintings

will have to make time to watch picnic at hanging rock thanks to the pessimiss

cat people looks like an amazing book – seen via ringo, have a banana!

a tumblr dedicated to beards! (that’s donald sutherland by the way)

slippers are the new loafers? these are from stubbs and wootton

deyrolle pour opening ceremony lookbook via lovelorn unicorn

filming the african queen via tomboy style

to be a kid again, photo by flo morrissey

flares flares flares! left to right: vanessa jackman, sartorialist & stockholm streetstyle

just when i’ve grown it out… tempted cut a fringe again. photograph by annette pehrsson

advice from a rapper really made me smile – seen via design work life

and lastly… jon humanna hummana hamm. damn.


  1. oohhh, twin peaks! just read that David Lynch is directing a webcast of Duran Duran’s LA concert on Wednesday. I still don’t know how react…

  2. love those YMC images. And I hear what you are saying about the fringe. I just keep mine now, even when I feel the urge to grow it out. I know I am always going to go back to it. And it looks awesome. You can have a really lazy hair day and still look a bit fancy.

  3. Donald Sutherland in his circa Kelly’s Heroes glory days completely sends me. Thank you for that offering.

    I attempted to get through via email (with a note not intended for public consumption) several weeks ago. Will make another effort soon. If I don’t hear back, that’ll be that. Promise.

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